Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sweet Mother

While Artists bring life to a canvas, a Chef’s masterful collage’ begins in the kitchen then spreads out to the dinner table. The enticing presentation once visually consumed is then ingested through our taste buds where it creates an indelible mark that conjours memories of flavors, events, places and people. Like good food, Good hands become the Hallmark of a successful occasion and are never forgotten.
 The dinner table above reminds me of my Mother-Gifty Jane-John who had masterful hands that created some of the most memorable dishes and events. She created for me what my wife has created for our family- a great sense of belonging, a strong family setting, good food and a safe and caring environment..
Wishing all my friends a Happy Mothers Day. Thanks for all the patience, nurturing, care, understanding and love you have shown over the years and continue to show. As mothers you are the foundation of the family, the vessel through which God delivers the precious gift of humanity. In you we experience the first hold, the first voice and the first sense of belonging. No one can replace you. You are a special and priceless gift that gives selflessly. On a special day like this we pause to show our appreciation and thanks for the countless sacrifices you made just to see us through. Sweet Mothers, Auntys, and Caretakers we will never forget all your suffering. Tenke (Thank you)

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